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Rheem RTE 13 Review

Rheem RTE 13 – Electric Tankless Water Heater

When you buy a Rheem tankless water heater for your home you can be relived of all the tension with regard to the hot water problems.

This electric powered water heater is most ideal for medium type of households that need hot water at more than one point.

The Rheem 13 tankless water heater is designed to give a maximum hot water flow of 4 gallons per minute which is enough for a family of up to 4 members that lives in a worm climate.

Rheem 13 – Features

  • Offers high power performance with high energy efficiency

  • Very light in weight and compact in size

  • Very user friendly with easy temperature control

  • Easy operation with LED indicators to know the status of the heater

  • Highly durable as it has brass/copper heat exchanger

  • 10-Year Limited Heat exchanger warranty

  • Low activation at just 0.4 Gallons per minute flow rate

  • Maximum water flow rate – 4.0 Gallons per minute

  • Instant hot water availability

    Rheem RTE 13 -Technical Specifications

    This Rheem tankless water heater is powered by electricity and needs about 13 kilowatt of power at 110 volts AC – 50 or 60 Hz. This must be provided with a breaker of 60 size and must be installed with a 6AWG fuse wire for extra protection.

    Rheem 13 instant water heater is designed to give continuous hot water at the rate of 4.0 Gallons per minute. The system will start working and begin heating water at a minimum water flow of 0.5 gallons per minute.

    Rheem 13 comes with a high efficiency brass and copper energy efficient heat exchanger that can give you a considerable savings on your power bill in a short time.

    Consumer Reviews – Overview

    Consumers like:

  • Long life

  • High reliability and instant operation

  • Continuous supply of hot water

  • User friendly with easy Controls

  • Compact and space Saving

    Consumers don’t like

  • High price

  • Difficulty in installation


    Overall the Rheem RTE 13 is the best for your home if you have a moderate need for hot water at more than one point at a time.

    This instant water heater can be used as a point of use heater and can add value to your home and make your life luxurious for many years to come. You will be happy to find that you are able to save more on your utility bill with the use of this water heater.

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